Software Development

Experienced application development team, specialising in web-based and client/server applications. Let us leverage Open Source technologies and tools to help you build better applications for lower cost.

Open Technology Solutions has over 20 years experience in building and deploying web-based and customised client/server applications, built using open source tools.

Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Web-based application development using Python and PHP.
  • Enterprise Application Integration with open source tools.
  • Development of customised Linux client-side and server side applications.
  • Development of appliance systems using embedded Linux and open source software components.

Open Technology Solutions also offers commercial installation and operational support for:

  • Bespoke application development.
  • Customisation of open source technologies to your requirements.
  • Contractors for short and medium-term roles.
  • Customisation of our products for your needs.