About Us

About Us

Whether you work at a global company or small nonprofit, we have the expertise to help you solve your unique challenges. OTS technology consulting firm headquartered in Mississauga, ON. At OTS, we are dedicated to developing innovative solutions to improve the value and impact of our clients’ IT initiatives. We leverage our deep industry knowledge and technical know-how to provide IT services and solutions that solve your unique needs. We hold strong to our core values, while building collaborative client relationships to help your organization achieve its full potential in business and technology.

There are numerous motivations to utilize Open Source Software, maybe the most clear is that it is allowed to procure, allowed to update, and free of yearly permitting costs. By evacuating the expenses connected with restrictive programming, you are allowed to spend the cash where you truly need to - on getting answers for your business needs. Open Technology Solutions is an pure IT administrations organization. We, alongside our accomplices, are here to help you achieve your objectives, pretty much as we have helped associations of numerous types and sizes in the course of recent years...

Our History

Working with large consulting companies, Open Technology Solution's CEO,Sher A. Khan, wanted to start a consulting firm that did business differently. He wanted to create a company that stresses customer service and makes sure that the client benefits first. He also wanted a company that would tell its clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. With this desire and his business beliefs - most notably that of integrity, innovation and collaboration – Open Technology Solutions Consulting began operations in May 1999 in Mississauga, ON.

Within six months, OTS outgrew its one location and opened a development office in United States. This growth was an affirmation of OTS's customer focus and of the premium we place on quality and innovation. Since inception, OTS has grown into a multi-faceted technology consulting firm that clients trust to understand their unique needs and develop and implement successful, sustainable strategies to enable them to achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on building open, long-lasting relationships with our clients, who hail from a wide range of industries, which is evidenced by the fact that 90% of OTS's business comes from repeat clients and referrals from our satisfied clients.

While we are proud of our past, we are even more enthusiastic about the future of the company. We are grateful for the wonderful clients we have had the honor of serving and for our colleagues who we have had the pleasure of training and growing with, and we look forward to many, many more miles ahead.

Way We Work

Consulting Redefined

An innovative and technology consulting firm, we ask the right questions to get at the root of your needs and problems, perform thorough analysis of your requirements, and provide high-quality, actionable recommendations and strategies specific to your situation. At OTS, however, we do not stop there. A full-service firm, we turn recommendations into action and implement customized, sustainable solutions that enable you to achieve your goals.
We promise to commit our best resources for the success and growth of our clients. We serve as a trusted partner, whom you can depend on to collaborate with you, to listen to you, and evolve with you. As a boutique, we are able to successfully deliver highly personalized, attentive service to our clients and have the agility, extensive expertise, and commitment to innovation that you need in a consultant.

  • End-to-end Service

    OTS offers clients high-quality technology consulting services and support, from design, development, implementation, training, maintenance, to support.

  • Client Driven Approach

    At OTS, we define success by our clients’ success. Committed to serving as a partner to clients, we tailor our services and approach to your specific needs and goals. Clients are able to rely on OTS to act as a sounding board, advisor, and consultant who will act in their best interest.

  • Innovation

    We are committed to innovation and to staying at the forefront of technology. We continuously strive to expand upon best practices and deliver advanced services and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

  • Experience

    Our highly experienced team members come from strong technology backgrounds and have the technical expertise, experience, and commitment to collaboration to successfully assist you in reaching your unique goals.

  • Personal Attention and Service

    OTS clients enjoy a high degree of personal attention in all client projects. A boutique firm, we have the agility to deliver results in a very timely and cost-effective manner and are dedicated to delivering highly personalized, attentive service.

  • Value

    As a boutique firm with lean teams, we are able to deliver superior value and a sound return on investment. In addition, our offshore development team enables us to deliver significant cost savings and around-the-clock productivity, so you can achieve your goals faster and more cost-effectively

Our Mission + Core Values

Our company Mission and Core Values capture the crux of who we are and how we seek to interact and engage with one another and our clients. Both serve as the guiding forces for OTS employees in how we seek to work each and every day.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build strong client relationships and deliver quality services and products to help clients achieve their full potential in business and technology while holding strong to our core values.

Core Values

At OTS, our Core Values are at the heart of our culture and guide our actions and decisions. Our team strives to live out our mission and Core Values each day

  • Collaboration

    Whether it is with a client or with other project team members, we value collaboration as a means to achieve a common goal.

  • Integrity

    We make sure that everything we provide is understood clearly. We put forth integrity in all that we do

  • Innovation

    Innovation, to us, means using the latest and greatest in solutions. We won't apply the same technology to every given challenge

  • Commitment to Client Success

    Success can be defined in many ways, but for us, making sure that our clients achieve success is our highest priority.

  • Open + Honest Communication

    Clear, concise language from beginning to end is how we communicate. Honest and open communication helps set clearer goals and smoother paths to success.

  • Reduce Cost & Improve ROI

    Reduce software license costs and improve delivery efficiency and Return on Investments (ROI) with our Open Source solutions